Master of Pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in the medical field of Pharmacy. The duration of the degree is 2 years and divided into number of semesters. At the end of each semester, there is an examination wherein the candidates are examined the courses prescribed for that semester. Students are also required to submit thesis at the end of the last semester. Master degree in pharmacy provides a candidate with various practical aspects of the research methodologies, instrumental techniques, emerging areas and industrial operations. Candidates who have passed Bachelor of Pharmacy Programme with not less than 50% of marks, of any recognized University or any other Institute equivalent there to the University, are eligible for admission to the Master of Pharmacy Programme.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEOs1 Principal Objective: To produce Pharmacy professionals equipped with knowledge and skills to cater to the Healthcare need of the Society, Technical needs of Pharmaceutical Industry and imbibe the need of continuous and lifelong learning & education. PEOs2 Manufacturing and Production of Quality Pharmaceuticals: In assistance to Pharmaceutical Industry, the Pharmacist is expected to employ their knowledge, skill and competence to produce medicines and formulations of best quality at affordable prices. The Pharmacist shall also be able to test and assure the quality of Medicines. PEOs3 Pharmacy Practice and Ethics: The graduate shall be prudent, understand and act for social, economical and federal setup and requirements & this will be exemplified by his ethical working in the various areas. PEOs4 Managerial Skills: The graduate shall be familiar to the process employed for Sales, purchase, inventory control and also Distribution and dispensing of Pharmaceuticals with proper documentation.

Programme Outcomes

POs1 The graduate shall be able to apply his learning of various aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology like Manufacturing, Community Pharmacy, Drug Design, Drug Development, Pharmaceutical Management and Total Quality Management POs2 The graduate shall be able to coherently make decisions based on his self-learning through analytical reasoning, systematic knowledge of Pharmaceutical Sciences and their applications for day to day problem solving. POs3 The Pharmacy graduate shall be an effective planner in terms of time and resources management. He should be able to work in a team with defined goals and time frames, in any capacity. POs4 The graduate shall possess qualities that shall enable him to lead a group, and also develop him into a prudent pharmacy professional who disburses his professional and social duties reliably. POs5 The Pharmacy graduate shall understand, analyze and communicate the value of their professional roles in society through consideration of historical, social, economic and political issues. POs6 The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to reason with issue at hand and considering all relative aspects, carve out a solution reflecting his professional excellence. POs7 A Pharmacy graduate shall apply his acumen for the day to day health related problems with a compassion for environment and its sustainability. POs8 The graduate shall be able to recognize the individuality and relate to the Pharmaceutical Jurisprudential principles while making decisions and also take onus of the outcomes of decisions. POs9 The Pharmacy graduate shall be an effective communicator on social and professional platforms. POs10 The graduate shall be able to learn and apply modern Pharmaceutical and auxiliary technologies, optimally use resources and understand their limitations. POs11 The Pharmacy graduate shall recognize the importance of continuous knowledge up-gradation in purview of technological advancements through introspection and feedback from others.